Ma’aden and PTG set the pace in HR digitization for Performance Management

Project Scope

Ma’aden (The Saudi Arabian Mining Company), the largest mining organization in the KSA, approached PTG to build a process-driven Performance Management Application as part of its strategic objective of using Digitization to streamline its HR processes.  

The Challenge

Performance Management is a major challenge in the strategic HR functions globally; with traditional Performance Management procedures proving archaic in addressing the dynamic demands of the interconnected and digital-driven nature of the modern workplace. The HR Leadership Team at Ma’aden challenged this notion, and sought a product that could support its Performance Management processes to be consistent with the company’s dynamic and rapid growth.  

Target Audience

An enterprise-wide implementation project


PTG designed and delivered a customized Performance Management App across project life-cycle. This included the drafting of a product blueprint, the design and build of the technology and a project support interface in the format of capability building workshops. The app enabled real-time performance conversations, was custom-designed for positive organizational feedback based on the Ma’aden values and allowed quarterly and individualized performance coaching between line managers and reports.

Project Highlights

  • Enabling real-time performance feedback
  • Aligning performance objectives and coaching conversations to the company’s strategic goals, values and priority projects for enhanced business continuity and ROI.
  • Exceptional levels of adoption across the organizational levels.

Performance Management to Performance Leadership Video