SABIC provides its leaders with an exponential leadership development opportunity in Executive Presence

Project Scope

SABIC is one of the world’s largest diversified manufacturing companies. A global market leader, the organization has a stellar reputation for its forward thinking and innovative approaches in developing leaders who are ready and equipped for the future. Chemistry that matters. After having conducted development programs extensively with SABIC leaders globally, and with a deep understanding of the dynamic SABIC Leadership Way, PTG delivered a tailored version of its Executive Presence program to the organization’s manufacturing leaders.  

The Challenge

Executive Presence (EP) has become a major required competency for a hyper-connected and complex global business environment. Executive Presence has application in various domains, including Stakeholder Relations, Deal-making, Negotiation, building high performance teams and advancing organizational goals. EP remains a very difficult skill to develop, considering its unique contextualization, which is influenced by the sector, and the individual’s executive strength areas.   

Target Audience

Senior and general managers, directors and presidents across the SABIC Manufacturing business lines


Studio² is a PTG developed program specifically earmarked for the development of Executive Presence in leaders. This two day program is conducted on the principle of action learning, led by senior executive consultants, tailored to individual needs of participants and supported by advanced technologies to deliver a deeply unique process-experience. Participants are developed based on their personalities as it relates to executive business contexts, benefit from real-time feedback in the form of action learning and experiential learning, and practice their EP in a range of business specific simulations and scenarios.

Project Highlights

  • The Studio² mobile application for real-time feedback on experiential learning assignments throughout the course.
  • Tailored developmental feedback based on the executive’s unique personality drivers, preferences and orientations.
  • Multi-media feedback unique and individualized to participants’ areas of strength and development as it relates to EP.
  • Learning micro-lessons and modular application to ensure sustainability in application and to deliver process-driven experiences on the part of delegates.

Executive Presence