SEC partners with TU/e and PTG to enable tailored Talent Development

Project Scope

The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) partnered with PTG to deliver the region’s first certificate-bearing Talent Development Centre (TDC). In line with its vision to provide innovative talent development solutions to its leaders, SEC set forth a stretch goal: Design an integrated and tailored leadership journey preparing leaders for the opportunities of tomorrow.

The Challenge

Design and deliver a compelling talent development program that is reflective of Industry 4.0 – build a solution that ascertains reliable analytics on leaders’ areas of strength and development, for data-driven Succession Planning; whilst fast tracking readiness for roles at the executive leadership level.

Target Audience

A group of 55 senior and executive leaders at the enterprise level across the SEC Business Lines.


PTG partnered with one of the world’s leading universities, the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), in the Netherlands, to design a Talent Development Centre (TDC) specific to the strategic business goals of SEC. A range of tailored simulations were designed, requiring leaders to demonstrate capabilities in individual and team context. By leveraging exponential technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), immersive challenges were constructed by PTG, allowing participants to demonstrate their skill sets in the context of challenges they are likely to face at the next level of leadership complexity. In line with its global reputation for delivering innovation in technology and design, TU/e lent its support in applying best practice learning principles within an impactful leadership journey.

Project Highlights

  • Enabling SEC Leaders with a certificate from TU/e to validate their participation in a best-practice learning methodology – a first for development centres globally.
  • Introducing myTDC, an integrated learning application curating the unique experiences of individual participants on the program.
  • Building a tailored talent data and analytics software on the PTG tIQ platform, integrating with the company’s HRIS, enabling SEC to lead scientific succession planning for critical positions in the organization.